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About KryptonWare Solutions

We are a company dedicated in software development for emulation. We research and develop proper methods and best practices for precise software emulation. For further details in emulation, please read our article entitled "Emulation and Our Goals". Converting hardware theories and functions to software is very time consuming and we have dedicated ourselves to do just that.

We do accept contract work to develop emulators based on your system architecture before production for cost efficiency. Between contracts, we create and maintain a web player as a service called iConsole and a desktop player called Vonsole. These products are a result of deep investigation into the hardware. We attempt to be as precise as possible when creating these products. For more details about iConsole read "Overview of iConsole (Web Player)" or for more details about Vonsole read "Overview of Vonsole (Desktop Player)".

We have selected Java to be our language of choice for our products because of the flexibility Java has. Even if our main goal is to have our software run exactly like the known hardware, we still conduct a lot of research in performance and speed. Java is not known for its speed but for the ability to be platform independent. We ensure that our products function and execute as efficiently as Java will allow. With this in mind, we also try to make our software enjoyable and as user friendly as possible.