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The new technology offered by KryptonWare Solutions is a more up-to-date implementation than competing solutions offered by other firms, who don't offer compatibility with Java 7.

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In order to lay the groundwork for the new generation of emulation technology from Emulation Collective and KryptonWare Solutions, we need the help of Players Like You™ to set up the processing and networking framework for forthcoming features such as network multiplayer. To achieve this goal, you can help Emulation Collective by donating your idle CPU time-the unused potential of your computer when you're not performing an intensive task-to help us create a global connected environment to help us reduce ping times and deliver great performance for network multiplayer.

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AstroL!ink 1.0

Thanks to the dedication and hard work through the weekend of the KryptonWare team, the i-Console API service is now back online for registered API operators. This undertaking was substantially more involved than previously expected, as we had to move unexpectedly from our previous datacenter for their mishandling of the situation and unwillingness to respond to our correspondence in anything resembling a timely manner.

As was stated in a previous announcement about the service outage, certain changes to the i-Console API are being made as KryptonWare transitions to the new Google Native Client (NaCl) environment. As part of this transition, registration for the old i-Console API has closed.

Thank you all for your patience during this outage.

Due to a hardware failure, the i-Console API service has been offline since the early morning hours of 24 January 2013. Our team of engineers is presently working to diagnose and repair the problem. Although we hope to have the issue resolved in 24 hours, we will not restart services until we are confident that it will not result in cascading failure across all KryptonWare facilities or the loss of save codes.

In light of the outage that this hardware failure has caused, certain changes to the i-Console API must be made in order to prevent a similar outage from occurring in the future. These changes will require API operators to retain a locally stored copy of certain key files on their server. When these changes are ready to be made, API operators will be contacted by KryptonWare Solutions with instructions on how to update their websites.

Similarly, it is important to note that because of the recent security issues that have occurred in Java, and to a greater extent, the exceptionally poor stewardship of the Java platform by Oracle since it has purchased Sun Microsystems, no further emulation compatibility updates for the i-Console API will be offered. Instead, a new initiative at KryptonWare has started to create an embeddable emulator designed for the Google Native Client (NaCl) environment.

This initiative is tentatively being called "Ice Salt". Work on Ice Salt has already commenced, and the KryptonWare team is moving quickly to be able to launch the first emulator in the Ice Salt package as soon as possible. No public release will be available until the first emulator is ready, though anyone can contact us to assist in testing the new package.

Additionally, in the process of making this transition, the Vonsole Desktop Emulator product has been discontinued and is no longer supported by KryptonWare Solutions.

Moving forward

Given the terrible security practices by Oracle and increasing signs from them that Java in browsers is detrimental to their reputation[1] and could well be discontinued in the future, it is important for the future of KryptonWare to be forging a new path forward in Emulation. Unfortunately, every single alternative to the JRE has major drawbacks, which is, at least in part, a significant reason why most web-based emulation is done in Java.

The alternatives available to us are varied, though of limited use and poor performance and many are not well suited to the task of handling emulation (though this course of action in Java was initially seen as the task of crazy people in 2006):

JavaScript, while it has the best platform compatibility, is unusable in the worst of circumstances and would be subject to an unacceptably high number of workarounds because of the varying ways that JavaScript is handled by IE and Trident-based browsers, Firefox, Chrome, Webkit, Opera, and embedded browsers in devices. It also has poor support for things such as interfacing with USB devices like Joypads.

Flash, while it has the widest install base of NPAPI-type plugins, has just as many security problems as Java, is frequently maligned, has poor performance and a lower upper limit of capabilities which make it unsuitable for handling anything more complex than base SNES hardware, and audio emulation in ActionScript may be an extremely difficult task. It has also been the target of Apple, who wishes Flash to die a quick death.

Silverlight, the other NPAPI-type plugin, no longer has support outside of Windows, and being stuck in Microsoft's camp is unacceptable.

NaCl, while stuck to Chrome and Chromium browsers (for now), has the best potential for support for multiple devices and architectures, as well as the easiest way to access raw processing power on devices, giving us far more room to move on emulating newer technology, and gaining native-level program speed.

Although the present encumbrance of NaCl programs being locked into Chrome Web Store, I expect that this requirement will be lifted in the next year (this requirement already stated as being temporary by Google), and in the event that Oracle discontinues Java, I believe that NaCl would be the most likely option to replace Java in the browser, and this may also force Mozilla and Opera to adopt the standard or be rendered irrelevant. There is also the possibility that Google or a third party could implement a NPAPI plugin for non-Chrome browsers to use NaCl, which would effectively end our concerns over the lock-in to Chrome/Chromium.

Until mass adoption of NaCl becomes a reality, we do ultimately still have the Java iConsole API to use as a fallback, and the value of this cannot be understated. It seems, ultimately, that Java will not be moving toward the future, and the worst possible move to make would be to make no move at all.

[1] http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/01/13/java_0_day_patch_issued

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